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 A verbatim fictional play

In Brazil and the UK violence against women and girls is on the rise. Efêmera introduces us to two women with a story to tell. They may have the courage to share it with you, they may not. A powerful, humorous and delicate piece about how to hold on when life falls apart. Performed by Gaël Le Cornec & Rosie MacPherson.

Based on a research by Prof. Cathy Mcllwaine, this play was co-commissioned by Queen Mary University of London, King’s College London, People’s Palace Project, Latin American Women’s Rights Service and CASA Festival with funding from the Economic and Social Research Council.

Poster by Eloise Carles.



Six people in search of home

What is home ? Can you remember what it looks or smells like? Taking these questions as a departure point six characters look for a new place, within themselves and each other, a new place called: home. 

Devised by Vala Omarsdöttir, Anne Langford, Imogen Butler-Cole, Sebastian Lawson, David Midlon, Sam Lester.

Photo by Maria Gueberof

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